Elliott & HEATHER RUTH Sneed

ELDER / PASTOR (Elliott), Kids Director (Heather)

We have been married 22 years and have three children.  I have lived in New York for over 12 years, but was born in Louisiana, and spent time in Texas, NYC, and time out west.  I enjoy living in New York, and all the wonderful people we have had the opportunity to meet.

I've been a pastor for over 16 years, and love to be a part of helping people pursue a relationship with God. At different times in my own life,  I know I have struggled to understand faith in a way that makes sense, and so I enjoy discussing those ideas with others as they are comfortable.  As a church, we want to be good neighbors and really help people, and in that process share the life-giving, authentic faith and relationship with God we have discovered.  You can expect that during teaching at Discovery Church, I will use scripture directly and often, along with humor and stories, to explain what it is like to grow in faith and in a relationship with God. 

I love hanging with people!  However, I also enjoy listening to music, watching sports, all things tech, laughing with friends, and spending time with my wife and children.