Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to dress up?

Nope. Dress is casual.  Most people wear casual clothing.

Do you have programs for my kids?

We sure do! Discovery Kids has a program for infants to pre-school, as well as a class for pre-school to 6th grade. The older group's class starts after kids are dismissed from the service, usually after worship.

What if I’m not sure about Christianity?

No problem! That’s why we started the church. You can explore faith at your own pace.

What kind of music is played during worship at Discovery Church?

Our music has been described as current contemporary worship. We have guitar, drums, and bass during the service.

What is the teaching style at Discovery Church? 

Practical. Humorous. Engaging. Biblical. Down-to-earth. Real.

Are there other services available during the week?

We don't have separate services other than Sunday morning, but we do have multiple Growth Groups that meet up, discuss Scripture and pray for each other, as well as support one another through life.

What if I am not really interested in attending church on Sunday, but would like to know more about spiritual things?

I personally can understand your reservations about church. First and foremost, Christ created the Church (capital C is important). The believers that are here interacting with Discovery Church are the Church, as are the people attending the church across the street. The church (lower case) is this wonderful building that we are allowed to use. We want you to connect with us in the way we believe God wants all of us to connect to other fellow believers, through fellowship. If you are searching for more, we welcome you anywhere we can! We want you in church on Sunday, Growth Groups, volunteering, really anywhere you can participate. Church on Sunday morning however isn’t about you, surprisingly. It is about bringing what you are into at family of believers and laying it down at the feet of Jesus, every week. Summing it up, we have groups you can join, volunteer work starting in the late spring and ending in early fall, and Church on Sundays! Be a part of this spiritual family any way you can!