Late Sept-Oct 2017

We sometimes separate spiritual growth and truth from many of the different areas of life.  We can often say that God’s influence is present in our life, but then live like its not making much difference.   When we don’t put God at the center of all of our life, we begin experiencing inconsistent priorities, unwise choices, and regrets in relationships. How can you let your relationship with God really influence and change all areas of your life? This new series will go over the central aspects of Biblical spiritual growth, and how it can and should be influencing every area of your life.  

Feb 11 - God is the Center of it All 

Feb 18 - A Neighborhood View 

Feb 18 - Know Your Story and Share it

Feb 25 - Grounded in Finances

March 4 - Give Your Life Away 

March 18 - Relationships that Honor God

March 23 - Serving and Making A Difference 

Title: God is the Center of it All
Speaker: Pastor Elliott Sneed
Date: 2.11.18

Sermon Notes for "God is the Center of it All"