Discovery Kids

We believe learning should be fun and we want your kids to have a blast at Discovery Church!

That is why we are committed to having a time during the service to invest in each child’s spiritual development. You can expect an age-appropriate lesson, crafts and creative teaching during service. Older children check in, attend the service through the worship songs and then are released to attend their class.  Younger children are checked in before the service and remain in their class for the service.  The last Sunday of the month, older children (ages 6 and up) attend services with their family and are given a fun packet to complete during the service.

Here is a snapshot of 3 principles that guide Discovery Kids:

BIBLE BASED TEACHING: All children’s activities include age appropriate Bible lessons that are presented in a way that is fun, memorable, and enables your child to learn.

DESIGNED FOR PARENTS AND KIDSThe children’s classes meet at the same time as the adult service. So while you are experiencing the worship and teaching in the adult service, your children are experiencing God in their language as well.

SAFETY: We work hard to provide a safe, fun place for your children. That’s why we conduct background checks on all kids volunteers, have security and make it a fun and secure environment for every child!

We strive for Discovery Kids to be the best hour of your kid’s week!

1st Grade - 5th Grade

Check in before the service and then attend the service with their family through the time of worship and singing, then those families who would like to can release their checked in children to attend their class.

For more information contact our children's director Heather Ruth Sneed at


INfants - 5 yrs. Old

As you arrive, you can check your infants and young children into their class.  Younger children stay with their class through our Sunday morning service.